Landscape Design Tips

Finding the right colors between your garden and house, paying lot of attention to the details, thinking about texture and shape, and considering stone here and there are just some of the best ingredients when your planning a landscaping around your home.

Don’t forget that natural materials are the only ones that help you get a realistic landscape. Not only they are durable, but they are also able to reproduce the natural colors that simply can’t be recreated by any other material.

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Therapeutic Landscape Design

In case you didn’t know, landscape design can have lots of health benefits and a therapeutic landscape design can have a positive impact on your life.

Since there is a strong connection between humans and nature, it’s no wonder that people can be heavily influenced by nature.

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How Important Sun Is For Your Garden

Why sun is important for your garden? Well, a very straight answer will be this: Plants get energy from light through a process called photosynthesis.

This is how light affects the growth of a plant. Without light, a plant would not be able to produce the energy it needs to grow.

When designing your garden, always make sure that the sun covers as much area as possible, otherwise certain plants may not live properly.

Also, make sure you provide enough water so that the plants and flowers keep the beautiful aspect.

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Planning A Fall Garden

Once you set your fall gardening goals, it’s time to get to work and design it accordingly. Start searching for few seasonal plants and structure your garden based on what you simply want to look like.

Also, be very careful on all sizes and garden dimensions so that things will look perfect once everything’s finished.

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How To Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

Nature doesn’t take time off, so make sure you are respecting a minimum set of rules when trying to take care of your garden.

During the active growing season, more water often moves up than it does down. Look at all the big plants, such as trees and shrubs, in your landscape. They’re like big straws stuck in the ground.

All those roots, branches, and leaves are sucking water up from the soil, usually at a time when there’s little rain to replenish it.

The bigger the leaves get and the more flowers that bloom translates into more water being removed from the soil systems.

Garden Design Trends In 2018

In case you haven’t made a decision on how your garden will look this year, well, this is the right time to put down your ideas. Either you are willing to contact a landscaping specialist or simply want to do it yourself, make sure that the design perfectly suits your location.

There are many landscaping design specialists out there and we recommend that you pick the good ones, even if the landscaping company might be more expensive than the investment you consider for a DIY.

Here you can find some trends that you can check for 2018.

How To Choose The Best Landscape For Your Property

Give your property more value by choosing a good landscaping design. Either you are going to decorate your front garden or backyard, you must first ask a landscaper what are the best recommendations, based on location, surroundings, house design, etc.

The best landscape for your property, therefore, depends on lots of small things you might not be aware of. At VIP Landscaping, we provide you with complete landscaping design services across Las Vegas.

Our services include:

  • Landscape Installation
  • Outdoor Living Elements
  • Low-Voltage Lighting

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Featured in Landscape Contractor Magazine

V.I.P. Landscaping was featured in the July edition of Landscape Contractor magazine, a nationwide publication read by millions of readers. Our showroom wall fountain was selected to be the feature image for the article “More Than Meets The Eye”. A full version of the article can be read by clicking here.

VIP featured in landscape contractor magazine

Fall Watering Schedule, Las Vegas

September 1 – October 31

Fall watering tips:

Because drip irrigation delivers water slower than sprinkler irrigation, it’s needed less frequently. LVVWD recommended frequency for drip irrigation during the Fall is 2 days per week.

The length of each watering depends on the flow of the drip emitters. For example, an emitter flow of up to 20 gallons per hour, needs 12 minutes of watering per emitter.

To figure out how quickly water flows (gallons per hour) from your drip emitters, see how long it takes to fill a tablespoon. For example, if the tablespoon fills in 14 seconds, the rate of flow is 1 gallon per hour.

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