Fall Watering Schedule, Las Vegas

September 1 – October 31

Fall watering tips:

Because drip irrigation delivers water slower than sprinkler irrigation, it’s needed less frequently. LVVWD recommended frequency for drip irrigation during the Fall is 2 days per week.

The length of each watering depends on the flow of the drip emitters. For example, an emitter flow of up to 20 gallons per hour, needs 12 minutes of watering per emitter.

To figure out how quickly water flows (gallons per hour) from your drip emitters, see how long it takes to fill a tablespoon. For example, if the tablespoon fills in 14 seconds, the rate of flow is 1 gallon per hour.

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Watering Restrictions from Las Vegas Valley Water District

Watering times and days for your plants, trees and lawn in Las Vegas can be found on the Las Vegas Valley Water District website. The watering schedule is divided in watering groups assigned to different areas of Las Vegas. This schedule has been put in place in an effort to reduce and eliminate the water waste in the Las Vegas valley. In addition to the regular water schedule, other watering options are restricted or allowed:

  • From May 1 through Aug. 31, landscape watering is prohibited from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Watering with a handheld hose and supervised testing of your irrigation system are allowed any time.
  • Watering new or reseeded landscapes daily for up to 30 days is allowed once per calendar year. This task must be recorded with the Water District, so you will not be fined.
  • Water used to abate a health or safety hazard is allowed.
  • Washing personal vehicles is allowed as long as you use a leak-free hose with positive shut-off nozzle.

Container-Grown Tree Planting during the Summer

Container-grown trees can be planted year-long. However, in the Las Vegas desert, fall, early winter and spring are the optimal times for planting. If you decide to plant the trees during the hot summer months, make sure you water them promptly and properly. Different types and sizes of trees require different amounts of water. You should check the grower instructions for the trees you’re planting. Planting Potted Peach Trees: Peach trees are deciduous species that grow well in desert climate. It is recommended that potted peach trees purchased from the nurseries be planted after the summer heat passes. The best months for planting are September and October.