Does smoke affect plants?

Does smoke harm plants?

Does smoke harm plants?

Smoke from forest fires

Wind blew the smoke from California fires over Las Vegas and the sky has been foggy with smoke and some people are wondering "does smoke harm plants?". It is not the ideal environment for our outdoor plants. However, outdoor plants are less likely to be affected by it. As long as the smoke doesn't persist for a long period of time and the plants still get the light and warmth from the sun during the day, they will survive with the necessary watering.

Can poor air quality kill plants?

The poor air quality in the Las Vegas valley due to smoke is more likely to affect us, humans, than our beautiful plants. Remember, plants and tress need CO2 for their photosynthesis process in order to release our needed oxygen in the atmosphere.

Cooler temperatures that came with the Fall invigorates our plants and you can see a noticeable change in their leaves color and elasticity.

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