Landscaping Rocks – Pebble

Landscaping pebble rocks for desert landscapes

Pebble Rocks are an excellent choice for your desert landscaping

The various colors and sizes of the landscaping pebble rocks will give a nice look to your desert landscape. They can be spread under benches, in defined areas around your garden or any landscape. The gravel pebble are smaller in size and will beautifully fill a pathway with large stepping stones. You can buy the pebble rocks in bags. With a variety of colors to choose from, you will find the color that will match and nicely complement the exterior color of your house.

A weed barrier should be installed before laying the rocks, as the weeds will find their way up in between the rocks.

Polished pebble rocks don't have sharp edges and they may be easier to walk on. They provide a clean, well defined area when spread around the trees and on pathways.

Here are few options of pebble rocks available at Lowe's: white pebbles; polished pebbles; black polished pebbles; gray Mexican beach pebbles. It is fun creating landscape areas with pebble rocks.

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Low voltage lighting for backyard

Low voltage lighting for backyard

Low voltage lighting expands yard visibility in the dark

You have a beautiful landscape in your backyard and you cannot enjoy it in the dark. While porch lights would only illuminate parts of the landscape, the low voltage lighting placed around plants, trees, water falls and fire features will make them visible in the dark. It will expand the visibility and space usage at night, so you and your guests can enjoy more of your backyard even after dark.

A landscaper can provide a layout of how the lights will be placed in your yard before installing them, so you can have a preview of the final setup. The lights can be powered on and off automatically.

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Landscaping Rocks – River Rock

Landscaping river rocks for desert landscapes

River Rocks come be of various sizes, shapes and colors

River rock is a beautiful addition to any desert landscaping. There are many options that you can choose from when it comes to river rocks. Some rocks have a rounder smooth surface as they have been dug from currently flowing rivers, from water continually washing and smoothing their surface. Others, are retrieved by digging up the deposits from ancient sea beds or river beds, or by crushing bigger rocks. River rocks vary in size, shape and colors. Arizona river rocks have various colors, pond pebbles are more uniformly colored in shades of grey. River pebble rocks, like Montana River Decorative Landscaping Pebble can have a colorful aspect. Creek stones are larger in size with shades of grey and brown. Depending on your landscaping project, you can find a type of river rock that will fit.

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Landscaping Rocks – Marble Chips

Marble chips rock landscaping

White marble chips in your yard

Water restrictions in the Las Vegas area make us think of alternate ways to beautify our yards. Landscaping rocks are an excellent alternative option, easy to maintain. They come in many varieties, colors and sizes and can make your yard look amazing. White marble chips will not fade or discolor. Their light coloring complement a wide range of home exteriors, and can add an attractive contrast to pathway and patio designs, gardens and any other areas. They can be easily spread, resist cracking and do not attract termites or ants in a normal use.

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Pineapple Palm Tree

Also known as: Canary Island Date Palm

The pineapple palm tree is durable and does very well in the Las Vegas desert. It received its name from its shape that resembles a pineapple, with thick round trunk and large fronds. The tree grows slowly, but once established, it is resistant to the hot and cold temperatures of the desert. It is a water-wise element for your landscape, resembling elegance and tropical views, that needs little care.

Pineapple palm tree on a beach

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Watering Plants

Give Your Plants Extra Drink In The Summer

Scorching sun can be harsh on the plants and trees in the Las Vegas desert. If you notice that they start to die, make sure you water them by hand or increase the timer watering time for your plants. During the summer, a couple of days of not enough water can have a big impact on the plants and trees. If you think a desert landscaping would be better for your yard, call us.

Should I Plant During the Summer Months?

New Plants Need Extra Water

The Las Vegas summers are very hot and dry and affect the germination of the seeds and the growth of plants, grass and trees. Ideal seasons to sow grass seed or plant new greenery or trees is fall or early spring, after the freezing time has passed in Las Vegas. However, if you do new planting in the summer, make sure the plant gets some protection against the scorching sun, by either planting it in an area that is not completely exposed to sun or create a barrier that will provide some shade during the day. Make sure the new plant will receive plenty of water. Choosing desert trees and plants for your yard may be a better option.

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