Peach Trees in the Desert

Growing peach trees in the desert

Growing fruit bearing trees in the desert

Growing peach trees in the desert requires more watering and care, but it is not impossible. If you like peaches, it is nice to be able to pick it directly from the tree next to your house and eat it.

It is possible to grow fruit bearing trees in the desert. One of them that you can see everywhere is the purple plum tree. However, you do not see as many peach trees along sidewalks and streets in Las Vegas. That is because the peach trees in the desert need more care. There are peach trees that can take full day sun exposure, but not all of them are like that. So, before you buy a peach tree, choose the area where you will plant it and see how much sun it gets during the day. If the area is under sun all day, choose a tree that will take full day of sun. After you bring it home, I would suggest that you keep it in a box, in the spot you chose to plant it later. Give it few weeks before planting it in its final place in the ground to see if the tree likes the spot. Peach trees need to have a moist soil during the first 2 years. So, water them as often as needed. During summer, you should water it twice a day, preferably early morning before the sun comes up and in the evening after the sun goes down, making sure it gets the water it needs. If you notice that the leaves are becoming soft and they lose their elasticity, that means the tree is not getting enough water.

If you buy your trees and plants from Home Depot, keep the receipt because if they die within the first year, you can take them back and Home Depot will give you a store credit.

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