Landscape Installation Terms and Specifications

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Landscape Specifications


Irrigation Specifications:

All irrigation emitters are to be pressure compensating. Each shrub will receive an adequate number of emitters as according to standard practices.
All irrigation hard mainlines and lateral lines will be Schedule 40 PVC.
All sprinkler heads are 4″ pop-ups. Pop-ups may be higher as deemed necessary.
Pressure vacuum breaker(s) will be installed when included in contract.
Rainbird ESP Controller(s) will be installed when included in contract.
All irrigation valves will be Rainbird DV100’s or equivalent, with or without pressure compensation as needed.
All drip valves will be installed with a pressure regulator and filter as per SNWA guidelines.
All valves will be installed below grade and housed in a valve box.
Decorative Rock Specifications:
All decorative rock will be installed to a minimum depth of 2″.
All chat will be installed without compaction, unless in a walkway area or otherwise noted in contract.
All boulders will be a minimum of 200 lbs. and are sold by the ton. Boulder shape, size, and weight may vary.
All boulders will be buried with approximately 15% below grade.

Low Voltage Lighting:

All low voltage lighting fixtures will be Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting or Unique Lighting unless otherwise noted in contract.
All lighting cables will be run on a hub system in order to equalize voltage.
All transformers will be Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting or Unique Lighting unless otherwise noted in contract.
Minimum lighting cable size used will be 12/2 direct burial and will be buried to a minimum depth of 6″.


All trees and shrubs will be planted in a mix of planter mulch and native soil as deemed necessary.
All plant and tree holes will be oversized. Holes will be no less than 1.5 times the width and depth of the root ball.
All soil removed from plant/tree holes will be removed from site unless used for mounding or grading.
All sod will be planted on top soil with a minimum thickness of 1″.
All standard trees will include a minimum of two tree stakes and wires as deemed necessary.

Grading and Drainage:

To ensure proper grading on site, additional soils may be required at an additional charge.
To ensure proper drainage on site, additional pipe drains may be required at an additional charge.


Terms Of Contract

All material is guaranteed to be as specified. V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care (hereinafter V.I.P.) will complete all work in an appropriate manner according to standard practices. V.I.P. is not responsible for delays due to weather, material availability, or contract changes/addendum. V.I.P. is not responsible for moving objects such as patio furniture, sheds, fountains, playground equipment etc. unless otherwise noted in the contract. V.I.P. is not responsible for gas lines, electrical connections/outlets, and mainline water supply unless otherwise noted in the contract. V.I.P. is not responsible for the cleanup of other trade’s debris. V.I.P. will supply all necessary permits for gas lines and electrical connections that are included in the above proposal. In the event that V.I.P. encounters hard pan or caliche there will be a charge of $45.00 per hour over and above the initial price quoted for jackhammer time. V.I.P. will not be held responsible for damages to any items underground or any unforeseen obstacles beyond our control.

Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders, and will become an additional charge over and above the estimate. Any change orders dictated by customer which result in a work stoppage will incur an additional “move-in” charge of $500.00. Any installation completed according to the agreed upon contract/plan is considered final. Any changes to completed portions of the job requested by the customer will result in additional charges for labor and materials.

Any payments that are more than 14 days late will accrue a $25.00 late fee and will accrue compounding interest at the rate of 24% APR. It is also agreed that a lien may be placed against the property if payment is not made within 30 days.

If this contract for any foreseen or unforeseen reason is to be submitted to arbitration or any judicial courts, the balance due would accumulate 24% interest annually and OWNER agrees to pay any and all costs of collections, including but not limited to, collection fees, court costs, and attorneys’ fees whether or not a lawsuit has commenced. Jurisdiction and venue for any lawsuits shall reside exclusively within Clark County, Nevada.

In the event of a returned check, OWNER agrees to pay $50.00 fee in addition to all applicable charges. In the event of an unmerited credit card chargeback, OWNER agrees to pay $50.00 fee in addition to all applicable charges.

All agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents, inclement weather, act of God, or delays beyond our control.


PLANTS – 90 DAYS *Warranties do not cover vandalism, acts of God, negligence,
SOD – 30 DAYS damage by animals, or interruptions to the water and/or
IRRIGATION – 1 YEAR electrical supply.

Due to the heavy seasonal volume of construction, V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care reserves the right to start any project within 8 weeks of notification by the homeowner to proceed unless otherwise stated by V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care upper management.

V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care will provide at least 24 hours notice for the scheduled start of the project. Customer will be notified of the week in which the project will start; however, a specific day cannot be guaranteed at this time.


Rough Grading is not included. To be accepted at +/- 10th. To ensure proper grading on site, additional soils may be required at additional charge. To ensure proper drainage on site, additional pipe drains may be required at additional charge.

V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care does not pro-rate cost for excess/waste materials or products purchased from vendors in bulk (ie. linear feet, yards, tons, etc.).


Confidentiality Agreement

V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care believes in honesty and fair business practice and strives to uphold these ideals. V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care also believes it is not acceptable to use plans, proposals, or ideas created by other companies as a basis for our designs. By signing below you are agreeing that you will uphold these beliefs as well. We, the undersigned, acknowledge receipt of the landscape plans and proposal as provided by V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care. Acceptance of the plans and proposal for review and consideration includes acceptance of the following conditions:

1. The plans, proposal, drawings, design, and other related information remain the exclusive property of V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care, and shall be kept in strict confidence.
2. Permission for disclosure to a third party of any information related to the aforementioned materials must be granted by V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care prior to disclosure.
3. Disclosure of the plans, proposals, or represented ideas to competing landscape companies, landscape architects, designers, and/or landscape designers for any purpose will be considered copyright infringement and give V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care right of protection to the full extent of the law.


Raw Materials Disclosure

Due to the nature of raw materials that are colored with stains or additives such as concrete, stucco, acid stains, paints, grouts, porcelain tile, tile, flagstone, granite slab, pavers, block walls, rock, boulders, cultured rock products etc., these products may have differences in color, tint and texture. These differences are what make the products unique in that no two pieces or parts are alike. These natural differences are beyond the control of V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care. Any request for change in materials after delivery and/or installation will result in a 25% restocking fee, waste fees, as well as any and all associated labor to remove and/or replace said items, at customer’s expense.

Some products may crack, chip, or check with the settling of the earth. We cannot guarantee against any of these natural occurrences. If cracks accrue in concrete, installed by contractor/subcontractor, greater than the thickness of a nickel, we will replace only the pads that are affected. There would be no guarantee that colors will match at the time of re-pour. We will exert an honest effort to attain a close match to colors and textures.

We, the undersigned, agree to the terms and use of these natural and manmade materials and we agree to allow these products be used in this custom landscape and masonry project.


Limited Guarantee

  • V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care will guarantee all plant material and labor for a term of 90 days from the date of completion unless otherwise noted. The warranty on plant material is limited to one replacement per item. However, some plant material such as, but not limited to, Ocotillo, Joshua trees, annual bedding plants, bare rooted Phoenix palms of any variety, and transplanted trees or shrubs are not warrantied, and therefore would not be replaced.
  • V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care will guarantee all sod materials and labor for a term of 30 days from the date of completion. Homeowner understands and accepts that freshly installed sod may require additional care until established. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to notify contractor as soon as possible of any issues or potential issues as well as to perform any additional care required to ensure health of lawn as instructed by contractor and within reason. Examples include, but are not limited to adjusting irrigation controller, hand-watering, etc.
  • V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care will guarantee all other materials and labor such as drip irrigation systems, low voltage lighting systems (bulbs 90 days), any and all concrete products, any and all masonry products, any and all barbecue, fire pit, and fireplace products, and any and all water features for a term of 365 days from the date of completion. (All subcontracted work is covered under the 365 day guarantee.)
  • V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care does not guarantee any plant material or other products that have been neglected or improperly maintained. V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care highly recommends the use of a professional maintenance company in order to maintain a healthy landscape.
  • Examples of improper care include, but are not limited to, over- and under-watering of plant material, improper fertilizing, pet urine, excessive wear and tear from playground equipment, alterations or damages by homeowner, etc.
  • V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care does not guarantee acts beyond our control such as freezing, fire, wind, flood, or any other extreme conditions that may cause plant, lawn, or other materials to fail. Trees and lodge poles should be checked once monthly for their first year. Lodge poles damaged by wind are not covered under the 90 day guarantee. This guarantee is only good for 1 replacement of plants, sod, or trees in the guarantee period.
  • Guarantee conditions apply when material cannot be saved or repaired. V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care does not base its guarantee on visual appearance of plant material. This guarantee is non-transferable.
  • V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care will not replace or repair any goods for guarantee purposes unless the project has been paid in full.


Notice of Grass Removal

V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care takes all necessary precautions in preventing the regrowth of grass after removal by following the necessary steps:

1. Spraying the grass with Fusilade II prior to removal, if included in proposal.
2. Using a sod cutter or hand removing all the sod necessary for the project, by cutting down a minimum of 2″ of sod, thatch, and soil.
3. Providing the customer with the remaining Fusilade to continue maintaining project, if included in the proposal.

Due to the fact that certain types of grass have deep root systems, they may return in small patches. Therefore, V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care implies no guarantee against the regrowth of grass.

Fusilade II may not be required if Fescue sod is being removed.


Photo/Video Release Authorization

V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care would greatly appreciate your permission to utilize photos & video of your property for our portfolio, website, and other promotional purposes. Personal information such as customer name, customer address, property information, and total job cost will not be disclosed to any third party.

Customer hereby authorizes V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care to utilize photos & video of my property for any & all promotional purposes.


Post-Completion Checklist

The following landscape walkthrough is designed to give you, the customer, a comprehensive understanding of the working components in your newly installed landscape. It is intended to educate you and help ensure the enjoyment of a beautiful landscape for many years to come.

___ Irrigation Timer Control
___Lighting transformer operations
___PVB emergency shut-off and backflow
___Watering schedules
___ Fertilization requirements and schedules
___Cleaning and adjustment of lawn nozzles
___Plant selection and quantity
___Decorative rock coverage and depth
___Guarantee Coverage
___Maintenance requirements
I have received a comprehensive walkt-hrough by a V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care representative and understand the importance of monitoring my watering schedules based on temperature and seasonal changes, as defined by the SNWA Guidelines (available at

I understand the importance of fertilization to ensure healthy and strong root systems, as well as better appearance of my plants, leaf foliage, and flowers. I also understand this is part of my routine maintenance.

I understand it is my responsibility to regulate my irrigation system and have been given a full demonstration of how to operate my irrigation controller. Failure to properly adjust the irrigation controller can cause plant failure and will not be covered under the V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care guarantee. V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care encourages that each client adhere to the SNWA watering guidelines and will not be held responsible for homeowner violations.


Notice to Customer

Under the Nevada Mechanics’ Lien Law NRS chapter 108, any contractor, subcontractor, laborer, supplier, or other person or entity who performs work or furnishes materials of $500.00 or more to improve the value of your property but is not paid for his or her work or supplies, has a right to place a lien on your home, land or property where the work was performed and to sue you in court to obtain payment.This means that after a court hearing, your home, land, and property could be sold by a court officer and the proceeds of the sale used to satisfy what you owe. This can happen even if you have paid your contractor in full and did not ask for and receive lien releases from the contractor’s subcontractors, laborers or suppliers.

To preserve their rights to file a claim or lien against your property, certain claimants such as subcontractors or material suppliers are each required to provide you with a document called a “Preliminary or Pre-Lien Notice”. A preliminary or pre-lien notice is not a lien against your property. Its purpose is to notify you of persons or entities who may have a right to file a lien against your property if they are not paid. In order to perfect their lien right, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, or laborers must file mechanics’ liens with the county recorder, which then becomes a recorded lien against your property. Generally, the maximum time allowed for filing a mechanics’ lien against your property is 90 days after substantial completion of your project.

Payment may be available from the recovery fund if you are damaged financially by a project performed on your residence pursuant to a contract, including construction, remodeling, repair or other improvements, and the damage resulted from certain specified violations of Nevada law by a contractor licensed in this state. To obtain information relating to the recovery fund and filing a claim for recovery from the recovery fund, you may contact the State Contractors’ Board at the following locations:

State Contractors’ Board
9670 Gateway Drive, Suite 100
Reno, Nevada 89521
Telephone number: 775.688.1141

State Contractors’ Board
2310 Corporate Circle, Suite 200
Henderson, Nevada 89074
Telephone number: 702.486.1100

This proposal is valid for 90 DAYS from the date stated above, unless an unanticipated rate change out of V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care, LLC’s control is incurred during this time frame.