Mo Haider – Operations Manager


Mo grew up for most of his life traveling many countries and states. Having lived in Clermont, Florida the longest, he called it home, until moving to Las Vegas. After graduating high school and marrying his high school sweetheart, Jenna, Mo enlisted in the United States Air Force.

While serving as an All Source Intelligence Analyst for 10 years, Mo gained many valuable skill sets that have aided in his military, business, and personal success. Mo faithfully served in the United States Air Force for 10 1/2 years before being medically retired. His greatest challenge while in the Air Force was having to be away from his family for numerous months at a time. Through his military career, Mo achieved many great milestones and was an integral part of the success of the changing battlefield.

After leaving the Air Force, Mo joined the V.I.P. Landscaping Team. He has always had a drive to be in small business and innovation. When the opportunity arose to join a team that was going to the next level, he jumped on board. Since his arrival, Mo has spearheaded several key company programs enhancing the company and customer experience. “My passion is people,” he says. He loves being able to take the vision from a customer’s mind and work with them and our field team to create a physical manifestation of what they envisioned.

What keeps Mo going is his love for God, his wife, and four children. They are his ‘Why.’ While outside of work, during his free time Mo enjoys spending time shooting people, from behind a camera. His passion for photography helps him slow down, take in, and enjoy what God has created, whether it be people, landscape, products, etc. On the weekends you will find Mo spending time with his family and friends just hanging out and enjoy the company of others.

One of Mo’s favorite quotes;

‘Gratitude and attitude are not challenges; THEY ARE CHOICES’ – Robert Braathe