V.I.P. Landscaping – Construction Technician

Position Description

The Construction Technician is the primary helper in the field. As a construction technician your main goal is to work hard to complete the assigned tasks. In addition to working you will be responsible for learning basic landscaping skills and techniques. You will be expected to be at work on time and ready to go.

The Construction Technician will:

  • Have 1+ years of verifiable outdoor work experience (construction, roofing, road work, land surveying, etc.)
  • Assist in installation of rock, trees, plants, and irrigation
  • Learn and grow in landscape industry skills
  • Communicate regularly with supervisor and assistant supervisor
  • Complete all assigned tasks with excellence
  • Ask questions when tasked to complete something unfamiliar with
  • Take care of tools/equipment/supplies

Reports To:

Field Supervisor
Assistant Supervisor

Performance Metrics:


Skills Leading to Success:

  • Proper use of shovel, wheelbarrow, pick, ax, jack hammer, etc.
  • Basic understanding of plant and tree depth
  • Basic installation of rock, plants, and trees
  • Ability to work in extreme conditions and pace job performance
  • Good communicator
  • Honest and Responsible

Compensation and Benefits

Competitive Wages/Salary
Company provided Tools/Equipment
Promotion within the Company
A Professional Work Environment
Being part of a Team
Industry Learning/Classes

About V.I.P. Landscaping

V.I.P. Landscaping was founded in 2007 in Las Vegas, NV. Offering a complete range of residential landscaping services, we are strongly committed to being the industry leader in the Las Vegas Valley. We take pride in every aspect of the business, from project completion to employee satisfaction.

With annual sales exceeding $1 million and a staff of 10+ employees, we’re proud of V.I.P. Landscaping’s continued growth.

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