V.I.P. Landscaping – Irrigation Technician

Position Description

The Irrigation Technician is responsible for assessing and troubleshooting irrigation systems, communicating these findings, and making repairs, renovations, or replacements to the systems based on these findings. As the Irrigation Technician, you will be communicating directly with clients to ensure that all issues are being addressed, their needs are being satisfied, and ensuring that their irrigation systems are operating at peak efficiency. You will also be responsible for directing a field team when needed for large-scale jobs.

The Irrigation Tech will:

  • Have 2+ years of verifiable irrigation technician experience
  • Be skilled in assessing & troubleshooting irrigation systems including drip systems, turf systems, subsurface systems, valves, controllers, backflow devices, and all other common system components
  • Complete most repairs at the initial site visit, and must be able to dig, bend, squat, lift up to 50 pounds, and work in extreme Las Vegas climate
  • See that all assigned work is performed by their team with quality, efficiency, and safety in mind
  • Need to be a problem solver
  • Need to be an excellent communicator
  • Need to be organized
  • Needs to be skilled in documenting assessment findings, documenting repairs made, and in preparing invoices and documenting payments received
  • Communicate regularly with managers regarding job findings, job progress, team member performance, material/tool requirements, customer interactions
  • Communicate directly with clients while on site, identifying the issues they are experiencing, communicating solutions for these issues to the clients, reviewing the costs of the repairs recommended, and collecting payments from the customers once the repairs are made
  • Be required to utilize technology in daily tasks including scheduling, invoicing, and documentation
  • Train other crew members on the proper techniques for performing regular tasks while following company policies and adhering to administrative requirements
  • Ensure that all equipment and tools are secure and in good working order; forwarding problems to management as needed

Reports To:

Operations Manager

Leader For:

Junior Technician

Performance Metrics:


Skills Leading to Success:

  • Complex understanding of how irrigation systems work, as well as knowledge of common irrigation components used in Las Vegas landscapes
  • Advanced troubleshooting abilities to solve complex issues in irrigation systems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of irrigation parts used, and their intended uses & limitations
  • Comprehensive understanding of irrigation & water management best practices
  • Thorough understanding of SNWA watering requirements, recommendations, and how to program controllers in accordance with this
  • Basic plant and tree recognition in Las Vegas landscapes
  • Basic understanding of other components of Las Vegas landscapes
  • Use of technology, including e-mail, smart phone, Microsoft Office, billing apps, uploading photos to computers, and payment solutions
  • Intermediate reading, writing, and math skills to track costs, order supplies, complete paperwork, document findings
  • Constant communication with management

Compensation and Benefits

Competitive wages/salary
Company provided tools/equipment
Promotion within the company
Professional work environment
Being part of a team
Industry learning/classes

About V.I.P. Landscaping

V.I.P. Landscaping was founded in 2007 in Las Vegas, NV. Offering a complete range of residential landscaping services, we are strongly committed to being the industry leader in the Las Vegas Valley. We take pride in every aspect of the business, from project completion to employee satisfaction.

With annual sales exceeding $1 million and a staff of 10+ employees, we’re proud of V.I.P. Landscaping’s continued growth.

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